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Testimonials for Educational Consulting

" The Story of Parzival has withstood the test of time.  It still fascinates young and old, traditionalists and modernists, but never has it been so accessible as when Leonore Russell presented a weekend workshop on the theme with our community in Austin, Texas.  She brought the story to life through highly personal analogies in our ordinary lives and yet helped us penetrate far beyond the personal to the highest spiritual archetypes influencing the whole of humanity.  Seminar participants were glowing by the end of our time together and were delighted to know she will be returning to Texas next year as a faculty member in the new teacher training program starting August 2012."

Kathryn King
Director of Pleiades Initiative, LLC
Waldorf Educational Consultant

Responses from a school's professional day with Leonore Russell.

" A high point was: "finding someone capable of bringing this work to this group and managing us in such a fun and competent way; the freshness of the activities; the moments when we all came together in harmony.

   I learned: "how to listen better when working in a group; how to focus form point to periphery, how important it was to break out of our usual forms of interaction and move together; how different people's perceptions and sensory methods different and yet are equally valid and important".

" The struggle to go from self awareness to group awareness was worth it: to work locally, think globally"

Green Meadow Waldorf School, Chestnut Ridge, NY.

From Map and Compass Process (work over a year)

“ Leonore added a tremendous amount to this undertaking through her intimate knowledge of Waldorf Education, leadership models, and broader concepts of organizational development. Her use of eurythmy as a therapeutic and group building exercise was invaluable as we worked on building an increased sense of trust, aligned purpose and common values. The effectiveness of “Eurythmy in the Workplace” was dramatically evident as the entire faculty, staff, board, and a large group of parents moved through the intricate patterns together.”

Upper Valley Waldorf School, Quiche, Vermont

From a Pathways Project: (work over one year)

A highlight was: “ How integration happens during the seemingly chaotic moments leading to the ability to go forward.”

“ Observing the dynamics in a group helps us to find humor and perspective in conflicting attitudes.”

“ Pathways was tremendously helpful in getting to rally know my colleagues on a deeper level than I could have in the day to day working together.”

“ I would recommend this kind of work to schools and organizations: Moving together has a tremendous impact on any group working together”.

Hartsbrook Waldorf School, Amherst, MA.