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Testimonials for Eurythmy in the Workplace


“ Having Eurythmy in the Workplace was truly an enlightening experience. The exercises broke down the barriers between the offices and manufacturing floor. Strengths and weaknesses of the individuals and the group were immediately brought to light in an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun. As a result communication improved and all individuals were made to feel that they were an important part of the whole organization. ”

Lance Cheney
 President, Braun Bush Co.


“ The focus of the program is on group dynamics and collaborative leadership with the intent of building more effective and responsive organizations. She (Leonore) has opened up the analysis of interpersonal and group process through movement, intuition, skillful observation and feedback. Through her use of eurythmy and other arts, I found that people are freed up to explore themselves, their groups and organizations in ways that move far beyond the traditional modes of intervention…This is a powerful way to open dialogue, and develop alternative solutions. ”

Dr. Steven Guerriero
Co-Chairperson and Professor of Organizational Behavior
Department of Organization and Management
Antioch University (NE), Keene, NH.

From retreats for the Safe and Sound Campaign for Baltimore’s Children and Youth:

“ The movement exercises helped me look at my work in our organization in a new light…to reflect on what my role should be to improve the group and to trust the process of working toward a goal. Coming together as a group made me see the problems clearly and talking them through to make changes was the best part! We found a better sense o rhythm for working together and a way to address our issues in a manageable way. Complexity is simplicity multiplied! We found we could move in different directions with synchronicity and common purpose. ”

“ The eurythmy exercises made me feel connected. I feel all the strategies in the main office should be organized this way; they will know what each other is doing. ”

“ Movement is liberating. Incorporate it into the everyday. ”

From Schools:

“ During our work with her in the Hartsbrook School community, Leonore demonstrated creativity and warmth of interest which motivated our school to new levels of communication and efficiency. " 

Elizabeth Sustick
Trustee, Hartsbrook Board of Directors


“ Leonore uses movement as a metaphor for the ways we relate to ourselves, each other, to the school, and the world at large. She is helping us to improve our communication and collaboration for the greater good of everyone, including the students! The goal is not limited to feeling better about the workplace, but also to find ways to make it more efficient, more expressive of its unique place in the world. Her style is direct, and lively, and her ability to incorporate the arts lightens and deepens the process of development.”

Cary Hughes and Patriced Pinette
 for the Faculty of High Mowing School. Wilton, NH.