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Meet Leonore

Artist. Educator. Consultant.

Leonore Russell in her Garden City Studio.

Some Background

Leonore Russell, the founder of Understanding and Managing Change, works with intentional groups, schools, organizations, and networks. Her passion is to identify the keys that open doors to new ideas and new ways of working, especially in groups. For the last ten years she has facilitated and co-directed seminars in leadership training, and she has consulted for a wide variety of organizations, both academic and non-academic. Her focus is to elicit from the group its strengths and potentials, and to bring about ongoing progress, so that the group and its leadership can cultivate processes that lead to socially responsible thinking, positive actions, and a strong commitment to the goals of the organization.

Leonore brings the experience of a long career in education, especially adolescent education, as well as a deep commitment to the arts. She has also worked extensively with adults in organizational trainings, family literacy, education, and
thus has honed her skills in facilitating group development, decision-making and building collaborations. She leverages personal and group strengths to create a culture of positive interaction, awareness of the needs of others, and a sense of service and, in short, the possibility that there are actions that create hope.

Leonore is an adjunct faculty member at two universities, Adelphi and Antioch (Collaborative Leadership Institute). Nominated for the Teaching Excellence Award at Adelphi in 2007, she has also received the Franz Winkler Leadership Award from the Waldorf School of Garden City. She is a founder and Director of the Winkler Center for Adult Learning. She is the Vice President of the Waldorf Chamber

She supports the arts for social renewal and as a pathway for continuing learning and growth. Her work as a training specialist for Family Literacy Programs in N.Y. State and Eurythmy in the Workplace has led her to develop methods for social development and responsibility.

Visit my studio

A variety of art classes and events take place here! Space is limited. Paintings, pottery and small gifts are available for sale.

New Children’s Book, Honey Bee Haven, also available for purchase at the studio. Stop by and pick up a copy today!

Contact Leonore to schedule your visit.