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Copper Rods and Balls

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Copper for Eurythmy:

Why Do We Use Copper Balls and Rods in Eurythmy and Therapy?

By Leonore Russell

When the copper ball exercises or the copper rod exercises are used eurythmy classes and workshops, the mood immediately lightens and brightens. Laughter and geniality reign and the group begins to move with dexterity, quickness and grace. Why is this? Obviously it is fun to run and toss the implements, and to have the challenges, but there may be more reasons. Often the question is asked: why copper? Could we use another material to make the rod or ball? Many have used wooden balls, felt, or other materials; the result is good but not as good as using copper. To find out why, let’s talk about the nature of copper.

Copper is a highly conductive metal, found in a free metallic state in nature. It is a warming metal, not only in its color, a reddish brown, but also in its function in nature and in the human being.In nature, it combines with many minerals, such as chalcocite, chalcopyrite, barite, cuprite, malachite, and azurite. It is found in basaltic lavas and the ashes of seaweed. In the living world it is found in many sea corals, mollusks and crustaceans (did Botticelli know this as he painted Venus on a sea shell in Primavera?). The human liver contains copper. Copper transports oxygen as iron does in the blood of animals and humans. It is a trace element to help catalyze hemoglobin formation.

Looking at these characteristics we find that copper seems to advance us in subtle yet practical ways. Artists, musicians, therapists use it to warm and heighten consciousness. Curiously, it receives warmth from the hand and then gives it back, sustaining the warmth (unlike steel, which would constantly cool the hand). It enhances life and beauty (again, Botticelli).

Rudolf Steiner, the creator of eurythmy, suggested that when we use the copper rods, we develop the intuition and intelligence of the hand. These qualities show when we look for a certain book on a shelf and our hand lights upon the very book and it opens to the page we want. Intuition also helps in our human interactions, in diagnosis, in problem solving and even in knowing our life’s path.

Pure copper is used to make hammered copper balls. These are handmade by skilled artisans. Often they are given to children just to hold, since and beautiful, pure metal creation is so unusual and special. They are used in exercises in Eurythmy in the Workplace. Posture is improved and stress is relieved. The patterning reveals community and individual strengths, creating a dynamic picture and awareness of nuance, hence a benefit to all.

Use of copper in eurythmy and therapy makes for greater success. Copper is beautiful and practical. It is strong but malleable. It serves and supports functions of other materials. When it is used it quickens and enlivens human movement (and this intelligence). Related to the planet Venus, it carries the mood of loving self-sacrifice and beauty.

Understanding and Managing Change holds workshops with Eurythmy in the Workplace using copper implements many exercises. Sales are listed on this website and at the workshops.

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Copper Rods and Balls

These handmade wrought copper rods and balls are hollow and are especially suitable for working in groups. Manufactured by hand in a small workshop by New England Copperworks and made with pure Revere Copper.

Benefits of working with copper

  • dexterity, flexibility, movement exercises
  • warms hands and arms
  • great for athletes and musicians
  • develops balance and proprioception
  • ideal for individual and group therapy
  • massage

NOTE: Copper rods will not be available until the Winter 2022.

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