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Understanding and Managing Change

For Individuals, Groups, or Businesses

Understanding and Managing Change was created in order to focus on meeting the challenges of new situations and human interactions with skill and success. The flow of data speeds us along, but it does not give us the time to develop the flexibility, creative thinking, and personal resilience needed to turn obstacles into opportunities. By working together we learn to:

  • Enhance our awareness of our roles within the larger group of our organization.
  • Strengthen awareness of others.
  • Develop balance and self-confidence to meet everyday challenges.


  • Consultation to establish needs
  • Agenda for the event(s)
  • Activities based on themes of organizational development
  • Discussion and problem-solving
  • Action plan
  • Assessment and follow-up

You have what you need. We maximize your potential.

  • We start where you are and build on your strengths.
  • We use the perceptions and capacities of the individuals in your group
  • We work with you on observation, team building, movement, envisioning activities and action planning.
  • We help you to meet, create and become your future.

We work together to

  • Analyze your current work situation and context
  • Focus on positive elements of change
  • Foster communication for problem solving
  • Create concrete group action based on new perspectives
  • Produce a community with shared goals
  • Encourage inventiveness

Goals for Participants

  • Increasing flexibility to meet changing work conditions
  • Creating new ways of working with others
  • Developing solutions for challenges
  • Strengthening motivation and effectiveness

Results for Organizations

  • Health and enthusiasm for work
  • Lowered absenteeism and higher personal investment
  • Motivated, responsible teams
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • A positive awareness of human potential

Flexible Format Options

  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Training for staff development
  • Half-day to 5 day sessions
  • 4-50 participants
  • Coaching for individuals or groups


  • On or off site location\\Large room for activities/ movement
  • Break-out space for small group work

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