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What clients have to say

This training took the board of Cresset Farm Development Initiative through a process of organizational development at our regular board meeting and through a six hour abbreviated process of the training that Leonore does over a course of days. We started out doing an exercise in Eurythmy related to movement in a circle passing the energy of the movement of brass spheres in a circle, transferring the energy and movement of inside out correlating the flow of the group in working together and utilizing the gifts that each person has to offer as a team. It was clear that these exercises have distinct relationships to how we devise a plan of action for the farm.

Leonore has many insights into what one has to do in order to create a farm organization that is sustainable. Her resolve and sure handed leadership were a key factor in my feeling that this training makes a difference in the outcomes. What is most interesting about the abbreviated training is that it was as thorough, meaningful and incorporated as the regular board meeting by including our purposes and interests. The paradigm of this meeting is something that we are able to carry over into our regular engagement as a community.

Randle Loeb

Board Member, Cresset Farm Development Initiative

Having Eurythmy in the Workplace was truly an enlightening experience. The exercises broke down the barriers between the offices and manufacturing floor. Strengths and weaknesses of the individuals and the group were immediately brought to light in an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun. As a result communication improved and all individuals were made to feel that they were an important part of the whole organization.

Lance Cheney

President, Braun Bush Co.

Leonore added a tremendous amount to this undertaking through her intimate knowledge of Waldorf Education, leadership models, and broader concepts of organizational development. Her use of eurythmy as a therapeutic and group building exercise was invaluable as we worked on building an increased sense of trust, aligned purpose and common values. The effectiveness of “Eurythmy in the Workplace” was dramatically evident as the entire faculty, staff, board, and a large group of parents moved through the intricate patterns together.

Upper Valley Waldorf School

Quiche, Vermont

A high point was: “finding someone capable of bringing this work to this group and managing us in such a fun and competent way; the freshness of the activities; also, the moments when we all came together in harmony.

I learned: “how to listen better when working in a group; how to focus form point to periphery, how important it was to break out of our usual forms of interaction and move together; how different people’s perceptions and sensory methods different and yet are equally valid and important”.

The struggle to go from self awareness to group awareness was worth it: to work locally, think globally.

Green Meadow Waldorf School

Chestnut Ridge, NY

A highlight was: “How integration happens during the seemingly chaotic moments leading to the ability to go forward.”

Observing the dynamics in a group helps us to find humor and perspective in conflicting attitudes.

Pathways was tremendously helpful in getting to rally know my colleagues on a deeper level than I could have in the day
to day working together.

I would recommend this kind of work to schools and organizations: Moving together has a tremendous impact on any group working together.

Hartsbrook Waldorf School

Amherst, MA